August 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I was playing around with cassette tapes and magnets as my last post with the magnet hydrophone precipitated such. This then spurred different ways to try and get tapes to play and degrade etc etc… rah rah.

Anyway, while going through that, came across a how-to like post in sound and vision regarding this Marclay esq. record player with tape heads and tape and such. Reminded me somewhat of Bartholomäus Traubeck’s wood record things in conjunction with Lucas Abela and his record race track whatever-the-hell that was…and a few other artists i cant particularly be bothered remembering or finding the names of, they are the two i remember.. theres also an australian, sydney based i think…-then again she could be from NZ…- female artist who plays makeshift records and plays them showing analog technology being used to the extremities. A glitch based ethos I suppose… point? i’m not sure…

ANYWAY! point is i’m going to do something with this at the moment…

Bartholomäus Traubeck’s wooden record..

<p><a href=”″>YEARS</a&gt; from <a href=””>Bartholom&auml;us Traubeck</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Lucas’  Vinyl Rally.

Two things from sound and vision ive tried before and never really found a tutorial thing……


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